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Anodised Profiles

We have recently invested heavily in brand new anodisation facilities offering one of the largest anodisation capacities in the European market.

Our anodisation facilities are fully automated, ensuring that the surface finish can be precisely controlled.

Dimar is a market leader in the field of ultra-high quality aluminium profiles, suitable for shower enclosures and other high visibility consumer products.

Anodised Aluminium Alloy Extrusions

A key area of Dimar's expertise is the production of very high quality anodisaed aluminium alloy profiles, which are primarily supplied to manufacturers of bathroom products. We are main suppliers for a number of major shower enclosure manufacturers, some of whom have been working with us for over 10 years. Our consistently high quality standards, excellent service levels and competitive lead times ensure that we develop long term, value-added relationships with many of our customers.

A Range of Anodised Finish Options

Dimar supply a range of anodisation options, which are constantly evolving to take account of changes in prevailing trends in the consumer and commercial market place.

In addition to a range of coloured anodised options, Dimar produce:

  • Etched anodised finishes
  • Pearl anodised finishes
  • Polished anodised finishes
  • Ultra-bright chemically brightened polished anodised finishes

Our anodisation facilities were comprehensively upgraded in 2008 with ultra-modern, fully automated baths and computer controlled anodising facilities.

All stages of the anodising process at our new facilities are computer controlled from a central operating hub within the production facility.

One of the Largest Anodisation Facilities in Europe

We operate one of the largest anodising lines in Europe, with automated production lines controlling the time aluminium alloy extrusions are held within the anodising baths, the amount and composition of chemicals present in each bath and the precise selection and sequence of baths used during the finishing process to ensure a consistently high quality finish.

Our new facilities even alloy us to accurately calculate the precise quantity of chemicals required for a given amount of aluminium bars being processed, ensuring minimal waste. This also allows us to carefully control our end prices and minimise any environmental impact from the production process.

We currently have a capacity of 500m2 per hour at our anodising facilities, which equates to approximately 1500kgs of material per hour.

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