Dimar is a leading supplier of

Powder Coated Profiles

We have three high-capacity electrostatic powder coating lines, producing superior powder coated aluminium extrusions.

With both vertical and horizontal painting / powder coating lines, we can professionally finish virtually any profile with a high quality painted surface treatment.

Powder Coated Painted Aluminium Extrusions

Dimar operate 3 electrostatic powder coating paint lines. We are able to produce painted profiles in almost any colour, including the standard RAL colour spectrum to QUALICOAT certification standards.

Paints are available in Matt, Satin or Gloss finishes, depending on each customer's specification.

Paint cover thickness can be applied in the range of 60 microns to 120 microns, with a paint thickness of 85 microns applied as standard if thickness is not specified.

Horizontal and Vertical Paint Plants

Our paint plants are utilised for a range of European clients and can be used with up to 35 separate chemical paint colours per normal day of operation, providing significant production capacity.

The vertical paint plant is most suitable for profiles requiring a paint finish on the outside of the profile only. This is the case with the majority of profiles supplied to manufacturers in the UK market.

The horizontal paint plant allows paint to be applied to both the outside and inside of an aluminium profile, which is sometimes required for profiles where the inside is visible on the end product. This is typically more favoured by manufacturers in the German and Danish markets.

After leaving the paint plants, all profiles are manually quality checked to ensure a consistent and high quality paint finish has been applied.

Laboratory Testing of Powder Coated Painted Aluminium Extrusions

Dimar has a fully staffed technical laboratory operating at our manufacturing plant, which carries out the following checks on painted material to ensure high production quality:

  • The elasticity of the powder
  • Impact testing
  • Dynamic deformation testing
  • Gloss levels of powder
  • Colour of powder
  • Accelerated weathering testing
  • UVA and UVB testing
  • Salt resistance testing for seaside applications
  • Reaction testing (e.g. testing whether the powder will react with mortar in architectural applications)

Full written records are maintained and stored for each batch tested, meaning that if any problems are detected now or in the future, there is full traceability for all products produced.

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