Dimar supplies manufacturers with

Extruded Alloy Profiles

utilised in the production of a wide range of products including shower cubicles, bathroom products, curtain walling systems, conservatory roof structures, photovoltaic solar cell frames, greenhouse buildings and tooling products to name a few.

Our clients include large multi-national conglomerates and smaller independent manufacturers.

We can produce extrusions in a range of aluminium alloy compositions to fit specific client requirements.

Products Utilising Dimar Aluminium Extrusions

We produce extrusions for a wide range of customers and product applications. Common product applications include:

Shower Cubicle Enclosures

Dimar supply aluminium extrusions to leading shower enclosure manufacturers in the UK, Republic of Ireland and France.

We have particular experience supplying high quality anodised aluminium extrusions for use in the shower industry, where a very high quality finish is a prerequisite for the retail and new build market places. We also have considerable experience producing clip fit product components, where two or more aluminium profiles are clipped together in a pre-configured format during the assembly of a complete shower enclosure.

Of particular interest to customers in the bathroom products industry are our comprehensive prepping facilities, where we offer full cutting, bending, deburring, punching and drilling options. These added value processes allow our customers to streamline their own in-house manufacturing process and minimise internally generated scrap problems, since the extrusions often need little or no additional work prior to being packaged for delivery to the end customer.

Aluminium Blind Tracks

Dimar supply extruded blinds tracks to European window blind and awning manufacturers.

Particularly suitable for outdoor applications and use in areas where the tracks may be exposed to some level of atmospheric moisture, extruded aluminium tracks are the product of choice for many high-end blinds systems.

The ability to create hard-wearing, highly attractive finishes on aluminium extrusions also presents manufacturers with the opportunity to produce a range of track finishes for their blind systems to compliment a wide range of blind fabrics and styles.

Curtain Walling Systems

We supply clients with bespoke aluminium extrusions which form the main structure of their curtain walling systems, used in offices and commercial properties to create partition walls and subdivide large internal spaces in properties.

We supply curtain walling customers with a range of finish options, including mill finished extrusions, painted and anodised profiles, dependant on whether the profile will be visible in the finished walling structure and whether the profile will be exposed to any moisture (mill finish is not generally suitable if the extrusion is likely to be exposed to moisture as it will suffer from a level of corrosion).

Aluminium Frames for Photovoltaic Cells (Solar Panel Frames)

Dimar's anodised profiles are particularly suitable for use in the manufacture of frames for photovoltaic cells, where key considerations include lateral rigidity to protect the cell, weather resistance over many years use and the ability to recycle the product, given the green credentials of solar power systems.

Anodised aluminium is the ideal solution for the surround of photovoltaic cells, providing a uniquely recyclable and weather resistant product.

Dimar offers a number of "off-the-shelf" profiles, which are suitable for use as photovoltaic frames and are used by a number of existing solar panel manufacturing companies. We do not supply assembled aluminium frames for solar panels, but the profiles that we can supply are suitable to be quickly assembled into frames at a customer's own production facilities.

We can of course also produce bespoke profiles for use in the solar panel industry, subject to receipt of die drawings and technical review of those drawings by our production team.

Conservatories and Garden Buildings

Dimar produces and supplies pre-packaged mill finish and powder coated "roof packs" and "frame packs" for use in the garden building industry.

Our clients include major conservatory suppliers to the UK DIY retail sheds, where our products form key structural components of the conservatories sold to the general public.

Roof packs are supplied with specified aluminium alloy profiles fully prepped in accordance with technical drawings, having been precisely cut to size and drilled so that they are ready to be used by the end customer to assemble their conservatory, without the need for any additional third party processing or packaging.

For manufacturers who wish to carry out more of the final processing on the extrusions using their own in-house team, we can of course also provide palletised extrusions in bulk, either mill finished, or with a high quality powder coated or anodised finish.


Dimar supplies tooling manufacturers with extrusions, which often form part of a larger product that the tooling manufacturer supplies to the secondary manufacturing company.

We deal with both small niche market tooling companies to large multinationals supplying large trade specialists and retail multiples.

Heat Sinks

Dimar produces extruded aluminium heat sinks, commonly used by electrical manufacturers.

These complex extrusions are nearly always supplied as a mill finished product and are used to dissipate heat from specific electronic components in products such as high-end sound systems.


Dimar produce extrusions for aluminium window frame manufacturers.

We are also able to supply a very modern range of "off the shelf" aluminium window systems manufactured in Greece.

For further information about our line of window systems, please contact us.

Doors and Sliding Wardrobe Systems

Dimar manufacture a range of aluminium profiles used in the manufacture of sliding wardrobe doors, contemporary internal doors and contemporary kitchen furniture systems. High quality anodised and painted finishes coupled with the metal's inherent durability make aluminium extrusions an ideal complimentary component on modern door products.

Huge Range of Product Applications

The products above are simply an example of the types of applications that Dimar's high quality aluminium extrusions are currently used for. We supply a broad range of European clients who seek the best quality extrusions, good lead times and competitive pricing.

If you have a project requiring aluminium extrusions in volume (typically we require new clients to have a forecast usage of at least 10 metric tonnes per annum) , please contact us to obtain a free written quotation and to discuss your specific product needs.

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